Isotopes and endoscopes


We are this raging silence


A heavy progressive rock band based in Bristol, UK. Our music has been inspired and influenced by a lifetime of avid listening to many and varied types of music not only by bands in our genre but a diverse range of the famous and the not so famous.     


Vocals, Guitar / Jeff Cox
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar / John Tyrer
Bass, Keyboards, Vocals / Dave Appleford
Drums / Gerry



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The band was originally conceived by Jeff Cox and John Tyrer after many years writing and performing acoustic rock together. Both guitarists have a history of playing in rock/metal bands, with John playing in numerous London based bands and Jeff having started his music career by jointly forming Bristol based NWOBHM band 'Jaguar' who were influential in the careers of some big name acts. In fact Lars Ulrich from Metallica sites Jaguar as one of his favorite bands from the genre.

Both Jeff and John were, and still are, heavily into the band 'Porcupine Tree' who provided the inspiration in 2010 for the song 'All is Forgiven' which was audio recorded with video footage added later, with the song being the base line for all preceding material. After searching for possible drummers and bass players the pair discovered that both Dave Appleford, a long term friend of Jeff's and Garry Davies, a former Jaguar drummer were also big fans of the band 'Porcupine Tree'. A few messages later the positive reactions lead to an initial rehearsal jam at a Caldicott Studio in December 2013. After a hour or so it was clear there was a musical connection and further rehearsal and writing session ensued resulting in the release of the debut album 'Isotopes and Endoscopes' in July 2015. The album was self financed and recorded at various venues by both Dave and Jeff and mastered by Sage Audio in Nashville via the magic of the internet. The CD received some excellent reviews and airplay both locally and internationally and the band worked hard to get the material ready for live performances, as they had yet to perform together live. Unfortunately due to an ongoing shoulder injury Garry had to regretfully leave the band mid 2016.

Enter Nick Clinch, a local Frome based drummer and all round nice guy. Nick not only took over drum stool duties but also after some intensive rehearsals got involved in promoting the band and arranging gigs. 

Maverick Studios in Bristol May 2017 was the bands first live performance, supporting Midnight Sun and Introitus from Sweden. This was a massive success and was recorded for prosperity with one of the songs 'Confluence' posted on the media page. Numerous other gigs followed including 2 supports to 'Hawklords' at the Cheeses and Grain in Frome and the Bristol Bierkeller.

The band are currently writing new material for the next album, which will hopefully see the light of day towards the autumn, whilst continuing to promote and gig the material from the debut album, with more new songs added at each performance.